This is our Lübeck Haus Bookstore catalogue page for German genealogy resources.
This is a catalogue page for genealogy research books and genealogical internet genealogy search links.
These books deal primarily with researching German, Austrian, Swiss, and Pennsyvania German (Dutch) genealogy. The books required to properly research everyones genealogy would be huge, and beyond the space that we have alotted to genealogy research.
However, we have included books to cover researching your German roots, books cover beginning genealogy and sources of research help, a German-English Genealogical Dictionary, books on German immigrants, Pennsylvania German Church records, and immigrant ship arrivals from Europe. Some of these books are in German, but most are in English.
Research links are providing genealogy research for Berlin, Baden-Württemburg, Ost Preussen, Prussia, Preussen, Pommern, Pommersche, and Schlesien.

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Genealogy Research Books

Books to German Genealogy Websites

Additional Genealogy Books

German Books and Magazine Subscription Links

This web page has several good genealogy links for doing research in family genealogy. These links link to many of the major genealogy sites for genealogy researchers both in the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe. However, web links for Michigan and Germany, Prussian, Austrian, Swiss, Tyrolean genealogy sites are emphasized.
We have included several web sites for the much needed information sources and history web sites for Prussia, East Prussia, Pommern, Schlesien, and Brandenburg. Web links for Church records and immigration ship departures are also included.
An excellent source of true fonts for Fraktur printing is available at the Gutenberg Press and a good book for understanding the German Fraktur and old German handwriting is now available on the book catalog page for genealogy at Lübecks Bookstore.
And when you need any good genealogical books to help in your research, visit Lübecks Bookstore's Genealogy Books .

German Genealogy Web Links

  • Pommerscher Verein Freistadt Pommern
    An excellent site preserving the culture and history of Pommern. Offers help in genealogy information.

  • Maps of Prussia
    History and maps of Prussia.

  • Family researchers, Discover Your Genealogy Easily
    Research census records, genealogy libraries, marriage and birth records, cemetery records, military records, and much more.

  • Frequently asked questions of German Genealogy FAQS
    An excellent source of hard to find information.

  • German genealogy Suchen Links
    Sie suchen Ihre Vorfahen in Deutchland?

  • German telephone numbers Telefonbuch
    German/English: Type in a surname, only, and every listing with that name in Germany will be displayed.

  • German postal codes Post Info
    Die PLZ und Strassenauskunft für Deutschland. (Auf Deutsch)

  • German postal codes Postleitzahlenbuch
    Das Postleitzahlenbuch für Deutschland oder U.S.A. (Auf Deutsch/Englisch).

  • U.S. Postal codes U.S.Postal Codes
    The postal codes for U.S.A. (In English)

  • Historische Karten/Historical Maps. Map Directory
    Addressen des Landesvermessungsämter in Deutschland: All present States are included.

  • German placename etymology Ortsnamen
    This page will help in defining city, towns, or other place name origins.

  • Deutsche Dialekte/German Dialects German Dialects
    Definitions, regions and a large dialect placement map.

  • Genealogy links for Michigan Cyndi's List
    Lots of genealogy web site links for nearly everyone.

  • Michigan US GenWeb Genealogy Homepage
    More excellent genealogy web links.

  • Roots web Homepage
    The Internet's oldest and largest genealogy site. And still of the best.

  • Ships and passenger lists and Immigrant Ship Information
    Use search box for ship departures and passenger lists from Germany.

  • Roots Web
    Many web links that link to a wealth of information sources.

  • USGenWeb Archives Archives
    One of the largest on-line genealogical sources.

  • Letter writing assistance Sample Letters
    For those wishing to send genealogical inquiries to a country whose language they do not speak, this page offers identical sample letters to a registrar's office or archive. Translations into several languages are available.

  • Deciphering old handwriting Homepage
    This page deals with old English handwriting.

  • German Genealogical research before the Church records began. Homepage
    Informational page for search methods, especially in Baden-Württemberg.

  • German genealogy on the web Cyndi's List
    Many good links, sources of genealogical information and how to search in Germany.

  • Research Genealogy
    A great research for finding hard to find villages or ones no longer in existence. While intended for Jewish genealogy researchers, it may be useful for anyone searching for towns and villages in Central and Eastern Europe.

Note: Sometimes a letter written to the mayor of a town or village or a letter to the Heimatkundlicher Verein Wardt in the village or nearest town can help to locate information about your relatives in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

We are looking for additional web links for sites dealing with the former German Landers, territories, and settlements.
If you know of any, please send their URL's to

German Genealogy Website Links

  • For additional German genealogy websites, click on German Genealogy Websites.
    These websites have good genealogy links for doing research in family genealogy in Germany, Austria, Switerland, and other German speaking lands. These websites link to many of the major genealogy sites for genealogy researchers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and other parts of this world.
    Website links for genealogy research in the German states (Landers), church records, and immigration ship departures are included.

Understanding German Fraktur and Schreibschrift

  • The Gutenberg Press Homepage
    History of Fraktur, German True Font Fraktur script software for sale, and much more.
  • Fraktur Fonts
    This web site offers examples of German True Type Fonts.
  • True Fonts
    This web site offers Runic, Ancient Germanic, Celtic, and Viking Oriented Fonts.
  • Free Fonts
    Since our readers might need fonts for commercial purposes, I believe they will find them useful.
  • Fraktur Fonts
    This stein collectors site deals with understanding fraktur fonts on steins.

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German Language Books and Magazines

  • German Magazine Subscriptions German Language Magazines.
    Select your German magazine subscription from over one hundred German Editions of many of their popular English editions.
  • Lübeck Haus Bookstore German Books.
    German language instruction with software, tutorial books, background books, and cultural studies.

Utility Links

  • Return to German Ways Website Directory .
    This website, German Ways, is intended to be one of your links to the World of the Germans, German speaking peoples, and of our German ways.
  • Return to Lübeck Haus Bookstore Bookstore Directory .
    We carry an extensive selection of the latest books for stone and timber construction, genealogy, travel, business, science, technical, and how-to books and at reasonable prices.
  • Visit Burg Jägerhof Castle Site .
    A medieval German castle and information site.
  • Visit online our Kings Street Market Market Directory .
    Browse The Kings Street Market Directory for a variety of shopping stores including bookstores, other stores provide electronic equipment, computers, gardening books, gardening equipment & tools, livestock, honey bee hives & supplies, groceries, camping supplies, camping tents, hunting & fishing equipment, stone masonry books, masonry tools & supplies, and other stores offer products for your home, job, den, and garden.
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