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This catalogue page lists books for German history, covering early important historical events through present day, German culture, German history, Germania, The Holy Roman Empire 1495-1806, historical events, Otto von Bismarck, German Empire, Prussia, East Prussia, German reunification, the German expellees, Frederick the Great, Von Moltke, Konigsberg, and other useful and important books for research. Most of these books are written in English, but several are in German.

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German History Books

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German History Books

Web Links

This history page provides a source of informational web links for those visitors that have an interest or questions about the German people and their history. And this page includes links for those historical periods that are generally considered to be the middle period and the early modern period.
This page will have links for web sites for Ost Preussen, Pommern, and Schlesien.

  • Hansestadt City of Lübeck
    A good site for informational links. In German and English languages

  • Lutherstadt Wittenberg Titelseite
    An excellent site for learning more about Wittenberg, Martin Luther and the reformation.
    Pictures, histories and a virtual tour of the city. In German and English.

  • Another site about Martin Luther Project Wittenberg
    Works by Martin Luther, texts, hymns, translations, and links.

  • Hohenzollern family history Hohenzollern Encyclopedia
    Several Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia articles in English.

  • Das Ost Preussen Blatt Homepage
    Lots of information on East Prussia, in German (Auf Deutsch)

  • Die Preussen Net Preussen
    Lots of infomation on Prussia, in German (Auf Deutsch)

  • Eine Quelle über Preussens Geschichte und Zukunft Prussia-on-Line
    Was gibt's neues? Latest news about German. In English and German.

  • Teutonic Order Homepage
    For the latest on the order and some of the history.

  • Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas German 1500
    Courses for credit and in depth study of the myths, legends, and sagas.

  • Language Learning Library Learn Language Online
    This online course will give the student the basics of German, if followed.

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German Interests Books

  • German Book Department
    German language tutorials, Dictionaries, German Cities, German leaders and Composers, Cookbooks, Pennsylvania Germans, Culture, Travel, Magazines, Music, and Movies.
  • Prussia
    Prussian history, leaders, cities, and cultuure.
  • Pennsyvania Germans
    Includes Pennsylvania Dutch (German, Austrian, Swiss) fraktur folk art, history, and books.
  • German Language Tutorials
    Includes tutorial books, audio tapes, CD based courses designed for PC computers.

German Language Studies

Foreign Language Studies
Software based tutorial courses for learning to understand, speak, and write German, or choose from many different languages.

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