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TYPING UMLAUTS: The word umlaut is derived from um- around, transformation + Laut sound. And in handwriting or printing, the three vowels, a, o, and u are changed by adding the umlaut(a diacritical mark) directly over each vowel. They then become, ä ö ü , each with an umlaut. This is done to indicate that these vowels are pronounced differently than these same vowels without the umlaut.
The printing and typing of the special alphabet characters for the three remaining vowels with an umlaut is quite easily done.
Follow the directions given below.

Typing umlauts With Computer Keys

To insert the special German alphabet characters into your typewritten text, the following methods are used.

METHOD ONE: Typing the Umlauts and the ß(double s) with the computer.
Hold down the ALT key and press down the number keys indicated in the chart below.
The required keys are located on the numbers pad at the right side of your key board.

ä ALT key + 0228 ä
ö ALT key + 0246 ö
ü ALT key + 0252 ü
ß ALT key + 0223 ß
Ä ALT key + 0196 Ä
Ö ALT key + 0214 Ö
Ü ALT key + 0220 Ü

METHOD TWO: Typing the Umlauts and the ß(double s) with the computer.
Use this method for laptop computers and desk top computers without a numeral keyboard, or with a numeral keyboard.
Type in the symbols &#   and then type in the required numbers, as shown in this chart, with each umlaut or double ss needed.

Example one: For ä   type in &# plus 228;
Example two: For ä   type in &# plus auml;

ä Type in &# plus 228; or type in & auml; ä
ö Type in &# plus 246; or type in & ouml; ö
ü Type in &# plus 252; or type in & uuml; ü
ß Type in &# plus 223; or type in & szlig; ß
Ä Type in &# plus 196; or type in & Auml; Ä
Ö Type in &# plus 214; or type in & Ouml; Ö
Ü Type in &# plus 220; or type in & Uuml; Ü

Typing umlauts Or Reading German In Print

Typing or printing the Umlaut equivalent.

Type an e immediately after, or to the right of each vowel requiring an umlaut.
Usually a small e is used, whether or not the character with an umlaut is small or large.
Example 1: der Jäger would be typed der Jaeger.
Example 2: das Hündchen would be typed das Huendchen
Example 3. der Ärmel would be typed der Aermel

Example 1: And the ß is typed as ss.

Example: der Schlüßel would be typed der Schluessel.

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