We have listed here some good online newspapers, magazines, and other publications, most are in the German Language. These links are for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Tyrol, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Canada, United States, and other areas that publish entirely or partly in the German Language.
Plus a selection of the Kindle editions of German language magazines and newspapers. For anyone learning to read german, this is a good way to help you to understand the written language.
Click on and enjoy.
Also, for those readers looking for the German Editions of the English version of popular business, news, and culture magazines, click on the link at the end of this list of publications.

However, when you have difficulty understanding some words or a sentence, use this online language translator from Yahoo, CLICK HERE .
This translator, Babel Fish, will translate a few lines or a small entire page.

The links are grouped by country or region.

1. Geographic Magazine GEO Explorer
A very good site for studing geography in German
2. German Reader's Digest Das Beste
The German language issue of Reader's Digest
3. German Magazine Der Spiegel
Germany's oldest and widely known magazine. News articles, TV Guide and Culture
4. German Magazine Europe Daily Bulletin
5. German Magazine Die Bunte
A popular magazine
6. German Magazine Der Stern
Nachrichten, Wetter, Sports und Hintergrundberichte des Stern
7. German Magazine Das Fenster
The most widely read German language magazine published in the U.S.
8. German Magizine Focus Online
9. German Video News Wideo Woche
Information zu Kino, Film, Games, CD-Roms, etc.
10. Magazine for kids Velber Verlag
Spielen und Lernen! Für jedes Alter die richtige Zeitschiff!!
Die Zeitschriff für Eltern und Kinder.
11. German Magazine Freindin
A popular site for German women
12. Gardening Magazine Das Haus
Germany's leading home and gardening magazine
13. German Magazine Flora Gartenwelt
Das Magazin für Haus und Garden
14. German Magizine Die Pracktische Gartenratgeber
Monatszeitschrift des Bayerischen Landesverbandes für Gartenbau und Landespflege
15. German TV guide TV Today
A popular TV program guide in Germany
17. German Newspaper Lübecker Nachrichten
Informationen aus Lübeck, Ostholstein, Segeburg, dem Lauenburgischen, Stormarn und Nortwest-Mecklenburg
18. German Newspaper Das Lübecker Wachunternehmen
News online for Lübeck and rounding towns and villages
19. German Newspaper Sächsische Zeitung
A fine Dresden Newspaper
20. German Newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung
A Leipzig Newspaper
21. German Newspaper Schweriner Volkszeitung
Zeitung für die Landeshauptstadt von Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
22. German Newspaper Berliner Zeitung A daily newspaper from Berlin
(Aktuelles, Wirtschaft, Kutur, Markt, Spass, Sports, Reisen, Wissen, Webcams)
27. German Newspaper Düsseldorf
Düsseldorfer Zeitungen, Magazin und Zeitschriften
28. German Newspapers Zeitungen Find your favorite newspaper.
Many german language newspapers online to choose from.

1. Austrian magazine Profil
Austria's finest news magazine
2. Austrian news magazine NEWS
Austria's largest news magazine.
3. Austrian Newspaper Der Standard
Austria's widely respected daily
4. Austrian Newspaper Weiner Zeitung
A good Vienna newspaper
5. Austrian Newspaper Oberoesterreich Online
6. Austrian Newspaper Die Presse Online
Vienna newpaper
7. Austrian News online Die Kurier
General news and more
8. Newspaper Directory Zeitungen
9. Austrian Newspaper Kronen Zeitung
Austrias most read newspaper.

Other European Publications
1. Schweizerische Zeitung New Zürcher Zeitung
Zürcher's leading newspaper.
2. Schweizerische Zeitung Drucherei
3. Schweizerische Zeitung Andelfinger Zeitung
4. Schweizerische Zeitung Berner Rundschau
5. Schweizerische Zeitung Welt Woche
6. Schweizerische Zeitung Online Die Echo
News, Kultur, Nachrichten und mehr. Many online newspapers, magazines and links.
7. Liechtenstein News online Liechentensteiner
News from Vaduz
8. Liechtenstein Newspaper Liechtensteiner Volksblatt
Daily news from Liechtenstein.
9. Luxemburger News online Luxumburger Wort Online
Daily news from Luxemburg.

North American Publications
1. German Life Magazine German Life Magazine
A bi-monthly magazine about the German culture, past and present.
3. German Magazine Subscription Mercedes Benz Transport
Publication, Mercedes Benz Transport covers a wide subject range, from major business issues to profiles of medium-sized transport operators, topical news, facts and statistics.
4. German Magazine Das Fenster
The most widely read German language magazine published in the U.S.
Since 1904, Das Fenster German language magazine has been fulfilling it's role of service to the German-American community. Today, in our 110th year, our team of talented professional journalists presents interesting and informative articles on a wide variety of subjects, all in the German language. Our writers provide much of our content that is exclusive to Das Fenster, not found in any other German language magazines or newspapers in the US, or any other country for that matter. Every month we explore German history and culture, German cuisine, wellness tips and travel to parts of Germany often overlooked by other German language magazines! Test your knowledge of German history and culture every month with our exclusive 'Rätselgeschicht' series! And communicate with other German-Americans in our vibrant letters to the editor pages.
All in the German language!

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