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These website links are for castles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Tyrol, and a few other locations. These castle web links are provided on this page to educate, inform, entertain, and help you in your search for knowledge.

For the medieval castle seekers, we have several good castle links for you to explore.
There are over 24,000 castles in Germany today; some are only ruins, but many of them are well-preserved and home to families, museums, restaurants and even hotels.
So why are there so many castles in Germany today?
During the Middle Ages, the land area that was to become Germany today, was a land that was divided into many small, competitive feudal states and principalities. This period of time was wrought with wars and conflict and these unstable times encouraged the construction of secure and fortified castles through out Germany, former German States, and areas settled by Germans. Plus there are many more medieval castle to explore and perhaps study, in Austria, Switzerland, Tyrol, and Northern Italy.

The official Burg Eltz web site. Be sure to visit. Burg Eltz .
Outstanding German castle built during the 12th century on a bend of the Mosel River in the Lander of Rheinland-Pfalz.
Excellent site for the castle's history, great pictures, and information. The text is in German or English.

A stronghold in Kärnten, Austria. Burg Hochosterwitz.
Burg Hochosterwitz, A-9314 Launsdorf, Kärnten, Österreich.
Pictures, information, history, and text. In German or English.

Pictures and text about Burg Marksburg Burg Marksburg .
Pictures and text on Burg Marksburg.
(Auf Deutsch)

An excellent site for Burg Liechtenstein .
Pictures, history, visiting information.
In English or German.

An excellent site for Schloss Neuschwanstein .
Welcome to the official Web site of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

An excellent site for Burg Hohenzollern .
Die Burg Hohenzollern ist der Stammsitz der preussisch-brandenburgischen wie der fürstlich-katholischen Linie des Hauses Hohenzollern.

An excellent site for castle visiting information. German castles .
Castle pictures, maps, detailed information on planning vacations. In English or German.

Pictures and information for Neuschwanstein .
Plan to visit this grand castle. In English or German.

Castles in the middle Rhine River valley. Rhine Castles .
Castle pictures, hotels, maps, and information for planning vacations. In English or German.

Info on Baden-Württenberg Schlösser und Schlosser Magazin .
The magazine about Schlösser in Baden-Württemberg. The four-color quarterly magazine has a circulation of over 30,000 copies and brings the approximately 150 buildings of the state which are important to state and cultural history closer to readers in German.
(Auf Deutsch)

Austrian castle tour with pictures and text about Burg Heidenreichstein .
(Auf Deutsch)

European castle tour with pictures and text World of Castles .
Photos of medieval castles, building history in pictures, photos of beautiful places to travel, nice images of castles.

A castle with a long military history, Burg Malbork .
An outstanding large castle Marienborg in East Prussia built by the Teutonic Knights
between the years 1274 and 1457.

Castle Web Sites .
This site lists many official castle home pages for European castles.

German Castles and Medieval Knights

For books on castles, visit the Lübeck Haus Bookstore by clicking on Castle Books .
Lübeck Haus Bookstore offers a selection of excellent books on medieval German castles, castle construction, castle architecture, and stone masonry books.
Includes books on medieval tournaments, medieval knights and their weapons, their lives, castles, and more.

German Language Books and Magazines

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